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  • Q1 How can I forward or copy a message?

    Please long press the message and then a list of options will appear on the screen. You can choose the option by touching it.

  • Q2 How can I select my phone's language?

    A mobile phone has two language settings:
    Phone language: the language used for texts displayed on your phone
    Input language: the language used by the dictionary for predictive text input
    Both are usually accessible from the Settings menu, under Phone Settings or General Settings. Model-specific instructions for setting your language preferences are available in your user guide.
    Please note:
    • The languages available in your phone are built in.
    • If you select Automatic, the phone selects the language according to the information on your SIM card.

  • Q3 What kind of warranty does Alcatel offer on its products?

    Alcatel offers a limited warranty in most countries covering certain types of repairs for most new products. The phone is guaranteed against any deviation from technical specifications for a period of twelve (12) months from the date specified on your proof of purchase.

    The warranty terms definition also applies to the battery and accessories but for a period of six (6) months from the date of purchase shown on your proof of purchase.

    For more information on countries, please visit Alcatel website or Alcatel service centers. You can find service centers addresses and contact information from Alcatel Website as below address:


  • Q4 How can I back up the data in my mobile phone?

    Depending on your phone model and the type of data which you want to back up, you can back up data
    from your phone's memory to a compatible PC or a memory card, and your contact phone numbers can
    also be backed up in your phone's SIM card.
    Alcatel PC Suite is used during this process. Alcatel PC Suite is a free PC software which allows you to
    store, edit, and synchronize phone data with a Windows-based PC. Please be noted that in some cases,
    with PC Suite you can only back up and restore data to the same phone model, and that the types of
    data that can be backed up and restored vary from model to model. You can visit our Website to download
    the latest version of PC Suite for your phone model.

  • Q5 How can I install Java application on my phone?

    1. Please connect the phone to your PC via USB data cable and download the Java program to the SD card in your phone. Please download the “Jar” file or the combination of “Jar” and “Jad” file. Only “Jad” file is not supported. (Here we take the Java program “My Life In New York” for example.)
    2. Please go to menu, select “File manager” --> “SD card” -->Select the Java program that you want to install --> “Options” --> “Install”.
    3. Select “Phone” or “SD card” as the storage location.
    After the installation, a popup message will ask you to launch this Java MIDlet or not. 
    4. You can also run this Java MIDlet by the following method (Java->Java applications->My life in New York->Launch)

  • Q6 Why does my PC display a warning message of ‘Power Surge On Hub Port’ when I install/connect the modem?

    The warning message (as below snapshot) means the power supply from PC to modem via USB connector is insufficient, which is caused by the instability of old version PC main board or laptop. 
    We suggest you use a Y-USB-Cable to connect your PC and modem, if you meet this kind of problem. It will be appreciated if you can send us the brand and model of your PC from the following website:


  • Q7 Where is my nearest Alcatel service center?

    You can find the Alcatel service center address and contact information from Alcatel Website as below address:

  • Q8 How can I set SPB Shell 3D as the default launcher?

    When you power on the phone at the first time, a screen will pop up as below. Please activate “Use by default for this action” and touch “SPB Shell 3D”, then the launcher is set as default when you use the phone.

  • Q9 Why couldn’t I power on my phone with low battery when the phone is being charged?

    Your phone can’t power on until the voltage reaches to certain value when the phone is being charged. Please wait for a moment to power on your phone. 

  • Q10 What is FOTA?

    FOTA means Firmware Over-The-Air, which is a function imbedded in Alcatel Android phones to upgrade handset software to the latest version.